6 Port & Cranberry Mince Pies


Not suitable for those with nut allergies as we don’t make the product in a nut free environment, not suitable for those with milk allergies, wheat allergies or any lactose intolerance. Our products contain gluten therefore are not gluten free or suitable for anyone with celiac disease.

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Six Port & Cranberry flavoured mince pies. We make all our own filling and we use real port in our filling! The raisins absorb all the butter and port, this makes our filling extra succulent and juicy when you take a bite.

Dissatisfied with shops offering of mince pies, myself (Rob) and my brother (Pete) set about creating a mince pie we’d like to eat. ¬†We created these mince pies and we’re so proud of them. We love the deliciously buttery pastry and the homemade filling. Turns out lots of our customers do too. Since starting out we’ve sold out many times selling at events all over the country.

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600g weight, eat within one week; keep in freezer if longer, suitable for freezing, See product description for allergy and ingredients information, this product is suitable for vegetarians, not suitable for nut allergy sufferers or vegans.


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