We are Robert and Peter Sharpe. In 2016 we started producing a range of luxury mince pies to sell at Christmas food events.  We are brothers with a passion for a tasty pie. Born in Melton Mowbray, a town famous for pies, you could say our love for pies was inevitable.

Our commitment to creating luxury mince pies

We use the best ingredients in our products. Our pastry is deliciously buttery and will melt in your mouth. Butter, sugar and flour are the only ingredients we use in our pastry; no animal fats and no margarines!  We only use the best ingredients, consequently the price higher than your average supermarket mince pie.

Everything we make is from scratch, the pastry, the filling and everything in-between.  We only use the best ingredients to create a truly memorable mince pie experience. Everything is handmade in our little bakery in the east midlands.  We bake our product to a set time, our pastry is deliciously golden and baked to perfection every single time. 

We produce five different flavours. These flavours are Amaretto, Rum & Ginger, Port & Cranberry, Traditional (Brandy) and Traditional (No Alcohol). These products are all found in our shop.  Feel free to browse through the many different options. We are always working tirelessly to find new and exciting flavours. If you have a recommendation you’d like us to try. Feel free to contact us!