Luxury mince pies need the best ingredients

Luxury mince pies need the best ingredients

Our commitment to a truly luxury mince pie

We source the best ingredients we can for our pies. That’s what makes them so special and taste so nice. The apple we use in our mince pies has been sourced locally to us in Leicestershire, some from trees in our parents own back garden! There is a freshness of flavour, a crispness you get from freshly picked fruit which is why we are proud to be using it in our pies.

We only use butter in our mince pie pastry

We only use butter in our pastry along with flour and sugar to make our shortcrust pastry. There are no additives or preservatives in our pasty. There is also no margarine because this impacts the taste and texture. We choose ingredients based on their quality and flavour; using only butter gives our pastry a unique flavour.

Our luxury mince pie filling

Our current range of mince pies includes Rum and Ginger, Port and Cranberry Nut with Amaretto, Traditional(Brandy) and Traditional(No alc). All our fillings contain different varieties of dried sultanas, raisins and mixed fruit. The filling then matures with the alcohol and spices. The maturing process helps bring out the flavours giving a more rounded and full taste the filling. We also use no animal suet in our filling which means our pies are completely suitable for vegetarians!

We believe in our products. We loved sharing them with many happy customers in 2016 and we hope to do the same with record numbers in winter 2017!

Thank you and see you soon!

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