How to create the best mince pie?

How to create the best mince pie What makes the best mince pie? It’s a combination of ingredients in the filling and pastry, baking times, product care and being consistent with measurements! I’ll outline some of the nitty-gritty in this blog post! Ingredients Mince pie ingredients are very important when creating a tasty, delicious product. A quality product needs only the best ingredients. That’s what we stand by and strongly believe in.  You too can create a great mince pie Read More

Two brothers baking incredible pies

We are two brothers with a calling to produce the best mince pies. We started our business in November 2016 producing a range of luxury mince pies and selling our products at christmas markets around the country. Since  November 2016 our business has grown. We now have a fully functional website to sell our products; shipping anywhere within the United Kingdom! With the launch of our website we hope to get as many people as possible to try them.  We Read More

Luxury mince pies need the best ingredients

Our commitment to a truly luxury mince pie We source the best ingredients we can for our pies. That’s what makes them so special and taste so nice. The apple we use in our mince pies has been sourced locally to us in Leicestershire, some from trees in our parents own back garden! There is a freshness of flavour, a crispness you get from freshly picked fruit which is why we are proud to be using it in our pies. Read More